Horror Movies, from A-Z

What a cool idea. Can you guess all the films? (If not, I’ve listed them below the image.)

A: American Werewolf in London  B: Bad Taste  C: Child’s Play  D: Driller Killer  E: Evil Dead  F: The Fog  G: Ghoul  H: Hellraiser  I: Invasion of the Body Snatchers  J: Jeepers Creepers  K: Kingdom of the spiders  L: Leprechaun  M: Misery  N: Nightmare on Elm Street  O: The Omen  P: Poltergeist  Q: Queen of Blood  R: The Re-Animator  S: Scanners.  T: Texas Chainsaw Massacre  U: The Unnamable  V: Videodrome  W: Wicker Man  X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes  Y: You Better Watch Out  Z: Zombieland

Click here for more of graphic artist Stephen Wildish’s work.

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