I love masks. Not wearing them; just looking at them, all stacked up on the wall of a costume shop. They are true works of art that often exhibit amazing craftsmanship and ingenuity.

To me, there are two elements that make a mask over-the-top frightening: 1. Hair, and 2. Teeth. I don’t know why, but something about these details just make a mask too real [shiver]. Behold:

Clown mask without hair and teeth
Clown mask *with* hair and teeth–EEK!
Zombie mask sans hair
Zombie mask with hair
Scarecrow mask, bald and toothless
Scarecrow mask with teeth and “hair”

Maybe it’s just me?

And though it doesn’t have teeth, I just had to include the following mask (new for 2012, according to the Spirit Halloween website). Not only is it creepy…

…But I love the fact that the model wearing it has stubble!

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