We’ve been doing a lot of celebratory, spooky stuff lately. Here are a couple of random photos I took with my iPhone.

I went to 5th Avenue and saw some of the Halloween-decorated shop windows (mentioned in my previous post). In this window, the decorator was actually in the window putting up his design.

I also passed by an elaborately decorated brownstone on the Upper West Side.

Oh, and speaking of decorations, we “decked the halls” of our apartment…

We also went to the Danvers State Hospital–which, as previously mentioned, is now an apartment complex, but the Kirkbride Building is still standing.

We even found the Danvers Cemetery, including the old patient headstones, which only have numbers on them for identification (now these have been replaced with name plaques).

And in Salem, MA, we went to the Witch House, a house directly tied to the witch trials. During the trials, this house was inhabited by one of the key judges in the cases.

We saw lots of wax sculptures, like this one of Beetlejuice, in Count Orlok’s Monster Gallery, in Salem.

And last night, we attended the Halloween Extravaganza, at St. John’s Cathedral. An organist provided live accompaniment for a screening of the original Phantom of the Opera, followed by the Procession of the Ghouls down the aisles.

Oh, and today it snowed in NYC!


2 thoughts on “Recent Photos

  1. AWesome photos KO ! glad u r getting out and having so much goulish fun . . . it makes me chuckle a little that ghouls are walking down the church isles !!! love it

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