Etsy, the online handmade craft store, is a wonderful place to get Halloween decorations and gifts that are totally unique. Here are a few particularly amazing Etsy items I found today. If I hadn’t just dropped $50 on decorations at Home Goods, I’d buy them all!

The Spooky Houses Halloween Necklace is pretty adorable.

I’m in love with this Howling Moon Wreath but can’t afford it.

Here’s a beautiful Spider Web Bowl.

Last year I bought a skull print from the creator of this Anatomical Print on Vintage Latin Dictionary.

I found some great letterpress Fall Tree Greeting Cards …

… and Halloween Crow Party Invitations.

And just for fun, here are a couple of hilariously not-so-good Etsy Halloween items (from Regretsy, the “fail blog” for Etsy crafts).

Pumpkin cozy?
A vegetarian noodle bowl costume for your kid ... but WHY?

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