Last year, we went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA museum. The exhibit mostly showcased his drawings and art-school work, but they also had a collection of film-related ephemera. Attendees weren’t officially allowed to take photographs of anything inside the museum, but I just had to stealthily take out my cell phone for one forbidden shot (below).

A collection of eyeballs.

My determination and defiance of museum rules was fueled by my childhood fascination with one part of Burton’s movie PeeWee’s Big Adventure: PeeWee’s run-in with the truck driver Large Marge. She scared the crap out of PeeWee, and me, in the following horrific scene (click to watch it on YouTube).

My little brother and I used to rewind the VCR and watch that one on slo-mo, so freaked out were we at Large Marge’s transformation. Just imagine how ecstatic I was to see a glass case of the actual eyeballs used to make Marge’s monster eyes bulge out! It was a delightful surprise, and the highlight of the exhibit for me.


2 thoughts on “Large Marge

  1. Yes! I went to that exhibit too (it was awesome). Large Marge always freaked me out in a wonderful way. I watched the transformation in slo-mo too when I was a kid!

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