I think it was about two or three years ago when I first came across Pumpkinrot’s Halloween blog. Since then, I’ve been checking it almost every single day.

The man behind this website is a mystery; he purposefully keeps his identity private by not posting pictures or personal information about himself. But his blog posts contain all the information you need to know: he is the real deal–a bona fide freak for Halloween and an artist in his own right.

His blog is partially dedicated to his own yard haunt. He creates his own props and designs for his home, and they are the kind of decorations that would not only have you stopping the car to gawk, but would draw a line of vehicles around the block.

As you can see, his work is incredibly realistic. And he has the artistic ability to evoke everything from old-fashioned storybook horror to painful torment.

The craftsmanship is just lovely, right down to the finest details.

This guy clearly needs to be working in movies and making millions, but (from what I can tell by reading the blog) he just has a day job and lives with his wife in Pennsylvania.

However, his following (including me) are a devoted cult. And he recently attracted the attention of the most well-respected Halloween author around, Lesley Bannatyne. She interviewed him on her website (click here to read the article).

He has also put up a few of his creations (including the “groundbreakers” above) for sale on Etsy.

In addition to his creative talent, he has the best Halloween blog out there. He posts every day of the year and features anything that inspires him: movie posters, Flickr pictures, music, poems, ghost stories, art, other yard haunts, etc. The list goes on and on, and the broad spectrum of post topics creates a freeform, original experience for readers.

Every time you go to his page, you know you will see something thoughtful and hand-picked. Looking at his blog is like hanging out with a friend who shares the same interest as you and has amazing taste, telling you, “Check this out! Isn’t it cool?”

In sharing his love for Halloween with the Internet, Pumpkinrot has generously invited the rest of us to see how he thinks. It’s a true pleasure, and the biggest inspiration for my own blog.

All photos by Pumpkinrot.


9 thoughts on “Pumpkinrot: The Legend

  1. I agree! I’ve been checking out his blog for the last couple of years, and I love how evocative it is. Gorgeous art, great images…and he has pointed me to some excellent Halloween blogs – this one included. 🙂

  2. Pumpkinrot is a true inspiration and every day I get a little bit, whether is a movie I need to see (tonight!), music to hear, a pumpkin product to try out, or a blog to checkout (all end up being favorites). I look forward to reading your blog! Happy Halloween.

  3. I love Fall and Halloween…I accidentally surfed into the Pumpkinrot website and what a great surprise. The person/persons who created this website are true artists. So happy I have found. The scarecrow in the field is the scariest scarecrow I have ever seen. Keep up the great work whoever your are. I would love to visit your house on Halloween!!!

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